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VIP Virtual Day

Why do we wait to begin really living, saying “Someday I’ll do this.”  I can tell you why….its because we rarely believe anything is possible. 

Take a moment to virtually fly first class with me.

The last time I flew from San Diego CA, back home to South Carolina, I found myself in a really conscious moment sitting on the plane. I had just finished speaking to a group of people about emotionally connecting to what brought them a deep sense of joy in their life.

As I thought about their faces I noticed a peaceful feeling came over me while looking over the wing of the plane.  Until that moment, I hadn’t realized just how much of an impact it would make teaching others how to connect emotionally so they can see clearly how to find happiness inside their personal and professional worlds.  For some, it was discovering how to connect to what they’re passionate about.

Remember in the past when you’ve had thoughts about volunteering somewhere but you didn’t go?  It’s the same as having a dream but not acting on it because you’re too scared you’ll mess up.

What I mean is it’s just not OK to keep having these moments where that internal voice speaks to you and you don’t do anything about them

I use to waste those moments too.  I used to say “someday I’ll do it,” but not anymore.  . . .

I stopped listening to different people’s advice and instead started working out a proper twelve-month plan, guided by God and someone who knew what steps I ought to take.  This is what it took for me, and I believe you’ll get there too!

You see, living this life should be joy-filled and accessible to everyone who wants it, whether married or unmarried, in business for yourself or working for someone else.

Flying first class isn’t just more comfortable. It’s also a lot more enjoyable. Everyone is taking care of you and making sure you get what you need to be successful during your flight.

That’s like life. I know that may sound cheesy, but I when realized that I’m creating something out of nothing, traveling around speaking and writing books, you never would have seen me do this five years ago! 

Before building the DOL team I didn’t have the skills or the mindset to create this alone. The very thought of it would have paralyzed me!

Perhaps that sounds silly to some, but here is the way I see it …

If you’ve done anything risky at all and have been successful, then you have what it takes to follow through and build a thriving marriage, business or life. It comes out of those moments where God calls you to do something bigger in your life. 

Like me, you’ve probably not been given the right steps, in the right order, to make an incredible marriage, business or life happen. 

It took me one full year of coaching to finally say I had a successful marriage and even longer to say I had a successful business or program launch.  I can’t imagine where I’d be if I would have given up after that.  I’ll tell you what would have happened.  I would be stuck in a marriage I didn’t like, with a job I disliked and certainly not enjoying the freedom that I have today had I backed down.

So here is some tough love. Stop being impatient and stay focused.  Up your level of commitment to God, yourself and to others. Do whatever you need to do, just DO NOT pull back!  If you want a first class life than you’ll just have to go for it!

If you are a successful mom, entrepreneur, employee or businessperson, then you’ve already accessed the critical thinking needed to create a happier marriage and a happier life. 

If you are a successful athlete, then you know what it FEELS like to get in the zone.  Use that feeling to access what you want in your life.

Believe it or not, having a great marriage, raising amazing children that stay connected is the same as knowing what it looks like to run a successful business. Not easy – but definitely fulfilling!

So stop selling yourself short because someone told you ‘it’s hard’. It definitely takes work, but in truth, no one who wants a first-class life should settle for anything but the best right?! If God wants us joy-filled and to prosper – why wouldn’t we want that for ourselves?!

VIP Virtual Day

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So my coaching tip for you today is to stop making excuses for not having what you want in life. Start moving toward what God is calling you to by connecting with me inside my VIP program where you’ll have one on one time where you can feel confident and safe.  You’ll know what you’re doing and how you’ll be held accountable for what you want and for moving forward.

If you’re interested in this VIP Mentoring Day make your purchase today.  I’ll be in touch with you after you register so be sure to leave your email address and phone number when you make your purchase.

Always Love,

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