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Congratulations – You’re Registered!

Your VPA Workshop Is Gearing Up!!

Whether you’re in business or you have a lifestyle that you love,

staying PUMPED and EXCITED is tough given the day to day grind.

Find out what faithful VISION, POWER and ACTION can mean to your life

and how you can keep moving FORWARD with BOLD FAITH on my next

“Open to the public” conference call.

Here are the details:

On our call I will share with you:

  • Your God-given right to walk boldly and with a clear vision in your personal and professional life
  • that building internal power is about practice, practice, practice
  • how taking action is the FRUIT by which we ALL stand, one nation under God…
  • What’s next for you if you’re in it to win it!

How to Prepare for the Seminar:

Step #1: Mark Your Calendar

Be sure to mark your calendar for this special live broadcast
Friday  at 9:00 pm Eastern Time

Step #2: Ask Your Questions or set an Intention in Advance of the Seminar

Connect With Our Community Here

We look forward to being with you on the call!

Step #3: Come prepared to take notes!

You’ll want to have pen and paper handy. Kellie will provide a study guide for but you may also

want to take your own notes as well.

Here’s the Link for your computer in case you don’t want to be on the telephone
Here is your dial in number if you prefer the phone: (206) 402-0100
Here is a guest pin code you will need when you hear a recording: 454068#

Find Your Time Zone HERE

We’ll “see” you on the call!


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