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Building a Solid Supportive Team of Inner Circle People

I love to talk about team building and creating a supportive team of inner circle people.  I share my experiences because these tips have helped me to build a successful virtual team of supportive people in both my personal life (my friends and mentors) while the other supports my professional life.

building a supportive teamWhat are 3 key things to look for when building a supportive team?

In reading a article by Hunter Walk on entitled, “Weak Ties Are The Most Powerful: Meet Folks Outside of Your Social Graph“, we’re encouraged to connect with others who are strong in areas where you are weak. For instance, I’m a mess when it comes to organizing my home, yet I have a wonderful BFF who is an awesome organizer! She knows exactly how to best handle things.

What questions to ask yourself when looking to build a strong supportive team:

  • What are their areas of strength and how do they match up with my skill set?
  • Is this someone who can keep me accountable?
  • Do I have areas of interest in common with them?
  • Will they support me personally or in my business?

Once you assess potential people for your support team against these questions, then the next step is to have a list of expectations.

What can you expect when building a supportive team?

When it comes to building a personal supportive team, there are a few things to know that can help you. As I was reading an article entitled, “Build a Strong Personal Support Team“, it shared…

Family and friends – the people who love you – can be a tremendous source of strength. They can help you with daily tasks and give you emotional support. It can be hard accepting the fact that you need support – but it is important for your health.

building supportive team

Even though this article was written to help those with MDS, I still feel that it applies to everyone. When you surround yourself with supportive people who are positive and keep you accountable, it helps you to stay on track. Sometimes we just need to know that regardless what we are going through, we have a safety net to fall into.

Case in point, in the process of moving, I needed to find help. One of my brothers and sister-in-law volunteered to help without me having to ask them. Then I found friends at my church who willing volunteered to help me move too. Key to me is to have a supportive team who is willing to help me and that I try my best to be supportive to them to.

What does it take to build a supportive team?

This gave me food for thought and I decided that being surrounded by supportive people doesn’t mean that you have a bunch of yes people around you. It has helped me a lot to know that my supportive team is made up of people who truly know me and what it takes to help keep me accountable. Sometimes it’s not easy and I do have a tendency to be strong-willed. Yet in the end, I know that those who surround me with love are only trying to help me grow and to keep me accountable.

If you want to build a team of supportive people, the very BEST place to look is where there are like-minded people. If you are part of the Day of Love community, or even if you’re not yet, you’ll most likely find women who are just like you! This is one of the very BEST places to look when you want to build a supportive team.  No matter where you go there is one thing I like to remember, as much as you receive, be willing to give.

What are some of the characteristics you look for when you build your supportive team?


Kim Beasley

Kim Beasley is a Social Media Strategist who loves developing WordPress websites. One of the projects that Kim focuses on is KimLive.TV where she produces Google+ Hangouts and host Hangouts on Air shows. She will be producing the DOL LOVE live streaming events where we’ll meet and greet the public and find out what your greatest questions are about LOVE. Being passionate about helping business owners to grow their visibility, Kim loves to connect people and technology. After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America as a Technical Project Manager, Kim decided that she wanted to focus more on business owners and use her MBA in eBusiness to help them grow their online presence. She created KimLive.TV to assist business owners to develop their own Google+ Hangout show as their producer. Kim has also been part of Hangouts on Air with news organization such as: HuffPost Live, FOX, BBC,, NBC, and Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.

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