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11990055_10153541802205330_828732316_o“A must read!! Thank God for the profound wisdom, love, and courage of Nonna! I learned much from this old wise counselor and will apply her 5 principles to my own marriage. I’m a better person just from reading this book!” Toni M. Huggins, Independent Consultant, CA

“This book is like a great sermon…a manual for a healthy marriage. It may have been intended for a certain audience, but God will use it for His Glory in ways that were never imagined!”  Justin Helmers, Serving Elder at Crosspoint Church, Waverly Ia.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Every couple needs to read this book, whether married or engaged.  Any marriage can be successful by applying these 5 secrets AND you get 21 videos to help you implement them. Outstanding.” Kelly Falardeau, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker

“Wow, what a light-hearted and beautiful guide. I am amazed at the five secrets. You will forget that you’re reading a book. It seems as if we were watching a movie.” Donna Carroll Crockett, Actress, North Hollywood Ca

“Absolutely beautiful! The words that Nonna spoke felt as though they were for me, her wisdom was so incredibly honest and immensely filled with love.”  Ashley Blanchard, Owner at The Blanchard Duo

“This book has proven to be food for both the Natural man and the Spiritual man, great job.. a must read!” Clint Cothran, Founder of Keep The Fire Burning, GA

“Ingeniously written!! Truly inspirational. You simply cannot put this book down and it comes with training videos!  A “must read” for all couples entering a life together as well as those who consider themselves to have the best of marriages.”
Gaill Blackburn, Author, Owner at The Truth of Your Divinity


…comes with its own exclusive training videos! The book is a surprising mixture of fiction with non-fiction, that  reveals 5 marital secrets that are said to be the BEST and BOLDEST principles shared since the movie ‘Fire Proof’. When you have 21 videos to keep learning from you can’t imagine the possibilities for your marriage.

Emma Palmer’s anxiety comes to a head just one week before her wedding due to the constant fear of divorce looming over her head.  During the course of a stressful family event Emma ran from the room in tears and more confused than ever after a family member makes light of their future marriage.

Liam’s grandmother, a wonderful wise woman, vowed to leave a legacy of love behind. With their permission, she took Emma and Liam aside and taught them what empowering love is over the next 7 days. Each lesson brought them closer to loving God, closer to loving themselves and closer to loving each other in a way that nothing else had, assuring them of a life long marriage full of love.

But would it be enough for Emma to say “I do” at the alter?

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(PHOTO CREDIT by Laci Frazier Wedding Photography and COVER DESIGN by Stefano Fontana)


About the Author:
MomHeadshots-0013Kellie Frazier is the founder and CEO of Connecting LLC, a leadership development company speaking to thousands of faith-based entrepreneurs who love to serve. She’s also the spokeswoman and co-founder for a Day of Love, a VIP service for faith-based leaders who are burnt out and need a day to heal and restore their business, their marriage or their life. Kellie has been married for over 30 years to her best friend and husband Jon. She has written and published Eight books plus hundreds of articles for ezines and magazines. She can be heard on programs such as CBS/CNN Radio, Motivational Radio, Baby Boomers Radio, MomPreneurs Radio and many more. Kellie believes her life is what it is today because of her faith in God and the unending love and support of her family. 






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