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Stabbed Over 20 Times But God Sent An Angel To Save Her

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.31.41 PMTammy’s deep scars began to surface when she was just a little girl. Here is part of her story…

I know that I am one of God’s miracles. I know this because I was rejected by my parents in my mother’s womb and even after several attempts to abort me. I still made it through by the grace of God.

Growing up with one abusive parent in a very controlling environment, I was always scared. I walked on eggshells from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. As a child my mother use to physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally and sexually abuse me.  She claimed that she had me so I could serve her. To me, I was my mother’s personal slave.

The most troubling story any parent could ever write for a child is the one where they believe that abuse is normal, but thats exactly what happened.
I lived three and a half blocks from school and had to bypass all the children to run home before 2:35 pm.  If I didn’t get there in time my mom would be at the top of the stairs with her extension cord saying “You already know, get up here and get out of those clothes.” I never got beat with clothes on.

During my teen years I became a model student.  The only trouble was, anything I succeeded in doing well my mom took away from me. Can you imagine how unloved my mother must have felt as a child to do this to her own? As any child would do in this situation, I began looking for love in all the wrong places.
At the age of 12, my mother encouraged me date an older boy and by the time I was 16, we had a son together. My mother didn’t like it whenever I appeared to be happy, so she forced us to break up.  I was crushed, not realizing we had the choice to say no.

From there, it was one abusive relationship after another, but deep down inside I knew God must have had a better plan for me.  Why else would my mom not be Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.20.37 PMable to abort me?

My mind and body were so distorted as a battered women that it felt like I was on a rinse and repeat cycle.  In all the years of pain, one particular day stands out more than any other.  While one of my babies had to be resuscitated from falling into a swimming pool and drowning, another one was laying on a bed at the sitter’s house suffocating herself with a plastic bag.  I was praising God for saving one life while grieving the loss of another, taken from me on the same day.

I couldn’t take any more.  I ran away as fast and as far as I could, but somehow I knew, God was still there and in control.

I decided to take a break from all relationships and focus more on my relationship with God. After one year of not dating any one, I became involved with a guy that I considered my big brother, my spiritual partner, my everything good.  He was my best friend and I could tell him anything.  He would walk around my town house to see what I didn’t have or what I was short of. Whatever the children and I needed he would go to the store and come back with it. He taught me about having a greater sense of self-worth. He made me feel good to be a woman. Sadly, I allowed this man to take the place in my heart that had belonged God over the year.
I say sadly, because on March 17, 2007, all that changed.

He began to be paranoid, telling me I was going to leave him. He went into my kitchen and grabbed two knives. He came after me saying he heard voices in his head, and as I raised my arm to protect myself, he shoved the knife through my arm and pinned me to the wall and raped me.  He removed me from the wall and continued stabbing with full intent to end my life.

God kept me from feeling the pain of these wounds. I know this because I survived another attempt of someone trying to end my life. While I was in the emergency room, bleeding profusely, an angelic figure   stood by my head.  This angel glowed with light like I have never seen before. The only thing he said was that he would be there with me, and so I relaxed.  This angel kept me alive even when the doctors believed I wouldn’t survive because of the deep knife wounds in my heart.

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After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with a miracle. As she pressed into God's vision for her life, she went on to publish several books while helping others publish their books. She finds great fulfillment in living a loving CHRIST-ian lifestyle. A devoted wife and mother for more than 34 years, she loves God, and others as she loves herself.

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