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Smash Burger And Healing The Band Of Four

burgersmashYesterday I had lunch with my brother and sister-in-law. We were sitting in a smashing little eatery called, Smash Burger, in the town of Lexington, SC, when I noticed four young men standing outside the door. They had come in to empty their trays and then went back outside to talk. That’s when the Holy Spirit moved me to, “Go speak to them.”

I didn’t want to be rude by getting up and walking away from my family. They were familiar with my relationship with God, and how I feel convicted at different times, so I hoped they would understand.

I stood up and said, “Would you both excuse me for a few minutes?”

They looked at me as I stood to my feet. As I type this I’m realizing that I never actually waited for their response. {Note to self: wait for response next time.}

I went to the exit door and noticed two of the guys were wearing familiar T-shirts that said #forSC. This T-shirt came from a food drive we did for South Carolina a few weeks ago. It was a wildy successful event put on by New Spring Church and I recognized the logo.

“Hey New Springers!” I joyfully shouted. This instant bond made me feel fully relaxed, as if we are family. I held out my fist like I knew them and each man smiled and fist bumped me back.  They laughed as I engaged them in conversation.

For those of you who don’t know what New Spring Church is, its a Christian church that believes God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. New Spring grows exponentially every week by loving on all people who walk in the door, no matter their story. Considered a megachurch by numerical standards, exponential growth means we must be doing something very well. When I say “we”, I mean that as a volunteer I take ownership in making it a great place to grow in Christ.

Back to these great young men I talked with, I could tell they had genuine spirits. As we talked I heard God’s spirit say that two of them were in pain. I paused for a moment before speaking this time. Then I asked if they knew what a “word of knowledge” is. They said no, but that they’d like to know more about it. I explained to them that God gives us a word of knowledge through the Holy Spirit, about something that we wouldn’t know otherwise.

The Holy Spirit shares specific things that you would have no ability or means to be able to know about. It is supernatural insight being given directly to you by the Holy Spirit, not by your own mind.

“On top of a word of knowledge,” I said, “God’s Holy Spirit will also sometimes give me a word of wisdom.”

A gift from the Holy Spirit reveals a hidden truth of what is not known but what is supernatural.  It’s a means of accomplishing God’s will in a given situation with divine power to accomplish spiritual guidance for problem-solving.

You can read more about it in the story of the girl with the phone who was depressed, but I explained to the guys how we learn that there are laws in the old testament that often keep us feeling condemned, but in the New Testament we have new life. Condemnation is gone through Jesus Christ, who is the new covenant, and the Holy Spirit is our comforting guide. 

They were listening intently when I suddenly asked, “Who of you is in pain?” At first they looked at each other and shook their heads, saying none of them felt like they had pain. Then I explained that it was God who asked me to come out there to speak to them with a word of knowledge. That’s when two of them spoke up; one with knee pain and the other ankle pain. I asked each of them if I could pray, and they said absolutely. As I laid my hands on them and prayed. Both young men felt God’s love penetrate them and found healing.

Wondering how this happened, I explained how the scriptures said that Jesus healed people throughout the New Testament, and is still doing it today through us. I shared how he also said, “Go and sin no more. We don’t know if those he healed fell back into sin, or if their infirmities returned, but I encourage you to keep your mind renewed in the spirit of God so you will stay free.”

Holy living is also called righteousness. Holiness isn’t legalism, holiness is to look like Jesus to others. This comes by living with a pure heart. Righteousness bares fruit. As Todd White says, “If you try to “do” holy, rather than “be” holy, you’ll always be trying to sell it to others instead of allowing them to pick your fruit.” 

Have you ever thought about how much we perform during the day? We perform at work, in society, on stages, at home, but the good news is we don’t have to perform to achieve holiness. Jesus became sin so that we could walk out His holy righteousness. You don’t have to do anything to achieve that.

The opposite is self righteousness which never bares fruit. I lived in that place for a time myself so I know the truth from which I speak. We get to share with others because of the love of God our Father. What a gift! Outside of relationship with him however, we’ll never be able to walk it out. We’ll be hypocrites who say they know Jesus with their words but can’t live it out in action. What good is that? When you’re right with God, you can be holy because His words are ALIVE!

So pray for a renewing of your mind. Walk in spiritual freedom. Be so free from yourself that you can be spiritually free from others. Imagine what it would feel like to never again be concerned about what others think about you, only what God thinks about you.

That’s true freedom. That’s a Day of Love and God is asking you to receive it. He’ll continue to pursue you. If you hear him calling, stop running. It’s time to humble yourself before him so you’ll know how to love others.




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