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Show Up

Whether your book is only a dream right now,

a still-to-be-completed manuscript,

or a published reality, this eBook is for you.

When we’re first starting out with anything, a book, a product or program, we have to re-wire our brains to think in ways we

might not have ever thought about before.  Here’s some of you what you’ll discover in this book:

  • Why success is no longer about luck – it’s all about having a plan.
  • 5 ways writing a book, or doing anything you set your mind to, will change your life forever.
  • What you should ideally be doing before you start any life altering change and why.
  • Key insights into how your mind really works and why its important to know.

A simple technique example Kellie used in writing this book, Let The Real YOU Show Up; Being Invisible Isn’t Living,

will show you how important it is to use it in your own book.

The success principles that allowed her to sell thousands of copies of one book, plus land speaking engagements — all because

of something she did while writing the book.

A powerful way to overcome any initial discomfort you might feel about putting yourself out there as an author, speaker,

book promoter or talk show guest, when you’re comfortable blending in with the crowd.

… and MUCH more!


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