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God Rocked The On Lookers Worlds

goodwillIf you haven’t yet read part 1 of the Goodwill story about Gary, go there first to read it. You’ll likely need this bit of context to understand the following story.

As I soon discovered that every Saturday is 50% off certain color tags at Goodwill, I knew it would be packed. The last place I wanted to be was there, but God needed Gary the homeless man to know him better.  Gary had initially approached me to ask for money. Since God has sent me there to tell Gary how loved and valuable he is, he had completely forgotten all about the money. (Gary’s story here)

During that prayer, I noticed four other people that were standing behind the clothing racks looking on. While I prayed I asked God to convict their hearts because I know he loves and cares about them as well.

Before I left Gary, I had given him some money to buy a nice outfit, so as he did his shopping I walked toward the exit.  Believing my work was done here, I anxiously approached the exit doors. As soon as I pushed opened the door on my right I heard, “Turn around and give money to the cashier.”

“Huh?” I stopped the open door from swinging open all the way. Now I was truly stumped. I wasn’t prepared to spend more time there, much less money. In fact, I was really ready to leave. “But Lord…., (I began to argue)…(sigh)….Okay, what do I say to her?”

“That you’ll pay for the goods of the next four people.” Came the response.

Now listen, I didn’t know how much money I had in my wallet, nor did I have any idea how many ‘goods’ were about to be purchased. But one thing I know for certain is that I can never out give God. So although I was a bit reluctant, I turned back around trustingly so. I stood in front of the youngest cashier at the registers and put on my best smile.

“Excuse me,” I said, leaning in towards her so no one else could hear me. “I’m wondering if you can help me with something?”

She returned a beautiful smile and said, “Sure!”

I handed her several twenties and said, “Can you please use this money to ring up the next four people in line?”

Her hand reached out for the money as she said. “Umm, yeah I can do that. You mean you’ll pay for anything they buy?”

I couldn’t believe I was agreeing to this, especially not knowing how much they’d actually spend, but I said, “Yes please.”

She took the money and placed it on the side of her register. “I’ll be over the by the door in case you need more. Just tell me, but don’t let them know who’s paying for it.” I told her.

As I walked back toward the door, pretending to look at a piece of furniture, we waited for the next customer. I noticed a woman who looked very familiar. It was one of the ladies standing on the other side of the clothing rack while I was praying for Gary.

“No way,” I said under my breath. “That’s so cool God.”

I noticed the other two cashier’s were staring at me funny. Both had asked me a number of times if they could help me while I walked around the store. I must have appeared to be lost just wandering about until Gary finally appeared. Now they were wondering why I had been whispering to their young cashier.

The oldest woman asked again if she could help me, this time looking annoyed and ready to call security. I’m not sure if they have security in Goodwill, but quite honestly I wouldn’t blame her.

What happened next was even more cool. The second person, the third person and the fourth person, who were all the same people standing by the clothes rack as on lookers, were now in line. My mouth dropped open. If you recall from Gary’s story, I prayed that God would convict their hearts today too.

The cashier was having fun. She would ring up their purchases, take their cash, break it down into smaller bills and replace it with the exact same money they gave her, only in different forms of change. Very clever.

While each person left the store, they counted their change and looked at their receipts. They were all stumped by what just happened and gathered in the parking lot to talk about it. As I saw the confusion and heard them all speaking in Spanish. I went outside. “Excuse me, are you discussing what just happened in there? Are you all thinking that the cashier made a mistake?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what we think!” A compassionate looking woman replied.

“Its actually not a mistake.” I said. “Its simply a blessing from God who loves you very much.”

As she translated what I was saying they all sat there dumbfounded. “Wow,” they kept saying. “Thank you! God bless you!”Photo by: Zwaddi

You might think I was finished, except that I wasn’t. One more thing was to be done. “Go inside and give the remaining money to the girl.”

So back inside I went. I told the young cashier to keep whatever money was left over. That God wanted to bless her day and that he loved her very much. She was to always remember how loved and valued she is. The light on her face was so bright. I could tell she was deeply moved by this experience.


What these five people had was a personal “Day of Love” from God. My prayer is that each left there knowing that He cares about them and wants to be involved in their lives.

While this is normal for me to have a word of knowledge from God, its important to realize that I’m not any more significant or special than you are. What separates those of us who hear God from those who do not, is one word.


Perhaps you want to hear God but you’re not sure how. I’ve created a Day Of Love video course that can help you understand what holds you back and how to move forward.

Till next time… comment and share if you found this valuable. Connect to God, yourself and others.

Always Love,




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