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God knew about her phone, and her depression


A Word Of Knowledge

Every day I try to make it to the park in my hometown to work out. Its much more than a park you see. It has gym equipment all the way around the mile and a half track. Its really quite fantastic. Well today, after I finished my work out, I went to get in my car when I heard these words from inside my spirit, “The girl with the phone is in deep depression.”

I looked straight out my windshield. I didn’t see anyone in front of me. I then looked to my left and my right, but saw no one in either parking lot, or any of the 5 lots to be exact.

“Hmm…” I waited a minute before asking, “Where is she Lord?” I heard no response.

I sat there for about 2 more minutes, then decided that I’d leave. I know God well enough to know he would reveal to me who “she” is at some point. The girl with the phone that is.

As I drove out of my usual parking spot, I turned right on to the street and headed toward the gate, which is one of two main entrances to the park. Suddenly I see a someone sitting on the ground to my left, just inside the gate.  It was a young woman who was looking down, texting on her telephone.

“Whoa.” I said, realizing this word of knowledge had to be about THIS girl. She was the only person in the park besides myself.

Before I go any further, I may need to explain that a “word of knowledge” simply means that God gives us words to understand a situation, and I believe to move us into action. Its also known as a spiritual gift. See, I don’t know her, and I certainly didn’t know she was sitting there inside the gate, but whenever God’s involved I don’t have to know every detail. His wisdom will show me more of what I need to know as I move into action.

You Must Be Pretty Important

I slowed my car to a stop and parked on the side of the street, about 10 yards away from her. As I slowly got out of my car I figured she’d be suspicious, especially since I’m a total stranger walking right toward her. Sure enough, she nervously began to move.

“No, no, please don’t get up.” I tried to reassure her. “And certainly don’t be afraid of me. I just wanted to talk to you for a moment.”

I squatted a few feet away from her so as not to invade her personal space. I continued right into the awkward moment of truth. “I know this is going to sound strange, but I just finished working out a few minutes ago. While getting into my car I heard in my spirit that there is girl here with a phone in her hand, and she has depression. Since there is no one else in the park right now, I wanted to ask if that would be you?”

She looked at me with big beautiful steel-blue eyes. As soon as she did, I knew I had the right girl. She had puffy circles under her eyes, and those deep sorrow lines that ran down along the cheeks towards the mouth when you’ve spent too long feel sad.

“Listen,” I continued forward, “Its okay if you don’t want to tell me. I just want you to know that you matter so much to God that he told me about you as I was getting in my car just now. You’re the only girl here, and you have a phone in your hand.  I’d say you must be pretty important for God to share that with me.”

I waited for her reaction.

She looked down at the ground, then back up at me while she whispered, “Wow,” more to herself than to me.

“I…I… don’t really struggle with it”, she replied quietly, looking at me and then at her phone. “But… I guess I do have depression.”

“I see.” I replied softly. “Well, if you’d let me, I’d like to pray for you so that depression leaves you. I mean, if I do pray for you, and it takes your depression away, that would be awesome, right? And if not, nothing was lost.” I smiled at her and couldn’t help but wonder what she must think of a complete stranger telling her these things. “So, what do you say?” I asked her.

She took a moment longer to process my words, then shrugged one shoulder while saying, “Yeah, I guess.”

God Could Heal Her Right Here, Right Now

I asked her if I could place my hand on her arm. She agreed so I prayed for her to be completely healed of depression. It wasn’t a deeply moving prayer, it was just one that took me to a place inside myself where belief is more powerful. I believed with all my heart that God brought me to her, and that he would also heal her right here, right now.

When I was done praying I opened my eyes and saw the biggest smile on her face. She was suddenly more beautiful than when I first sat down. She looked radiant in fact.

She had felt heat from the top of her head to the souls of her feet. With emotion in her eyes and a smile on her face, she muttered the words, “Thank you….and…you have no idea.”

I knew what she was about to say. She had been contemplating suicide. I put my hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze, “God knows. He loves you and wanted you to be healed.” I rose to my feet, and left her with a genuinely loving smile.

As I walked away, and before I made it back to my car, I heard her shout, “Thank you! And have a nice day!”


Nothing Is Impossible

Today was this blonde haired, blue-eyed, phone holding girl’s “Day Of Love”. Tomorrow it might be yours. Every one of us need a day of love so that we know God cares for us and about us. Sometimes we allow our unbelief to swallow up the joy of the Lord. What we need to remember is that to God, we are more worthy and valuable than we’ll ever know.cropped-DOL-Heart-Logo-Png.png

If you’re a believer who knows the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, then lets create a Day of Love that lasts forever. There will always be distractions. God wants our hearts to stay open to hearing his spirit.

Day Of Love Live Events will take place soon so that men and women everywhere know how valuable they are. We ALL matter! If you want to find freedom, then come!



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