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Love is Often More About Sacrifice And Gratitude

Memorial Day Weekend is usually an important weekend for my family for one main reason. We understand what sacrifice means more than most. My husband joined the military when we were teenagers. He stayed in for 16 years. Our son’s wanted to make their father proud so they too joined the service. Each one joined a different armed forces, but each one served with their whole heart prior to marriage.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 3.42.43 AMEven though they made the choice to enlist, they could not foresee the future. You never know how your decisions will affect the rest of your life until you are living it. All you can do is search for internal peace while you live it and be grateful when its there.

I recall specifically how each time my husband left for his tour of duty (which was 3 months in and 3 months out without any communication) that our little boys asked me why their daddy had died. I also recall the day I received a phone call from the principle of our son’s school giving me his condolences. You can’t imagine how my heart stopped, thinking this man knew something I didn’t. It reminded me of how much my young son’s had to sacrifice being apart from their daddy and how grateful I was to still be there for them.

We all make daily sacrifices, but not many people know the degree of sacrifice our military families experience, no matter what country they are from. To this point I’ll share just one incident that comes to mind.

While our youngest son was in Iraq during the war, President Bush decided to make a surprise visit. Our son was part of a team that had to clear out an area to make if safe for this visit. I received a frightening phone call from him that day. He called to say goodbye. He couldn’t tell me anything else of course, except that he felt he wasn’t going to make it to the end of that day alive. While we were speaking during those brief moments I heard a loud explosion in the background. The next moment he shouted, “I have to go!”, and then I heard the dial tone.

Three days later, he called again from a hospital bed, reporting he had been injured, but was grateful to be alive. This is the type of sacrificing I’m speaking of.

So as you go throughout your days, weeks, months and years, remember to live in gratitude for every moment of external peace you have and never take if for granted. Rejoice also in the fact that internal peace is much closer than you realize, and that we’ll stay focused on showing you how to achieve it every day of your life through the Day of Love. Remember to join us on the next episode of The DOL View on June 12th! If you haven’t yet signed up to receive the private link just go to this page and sign up—> http://www.DayofLove.Org

Love & Blessings,

Kellie Frazier



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After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with a miracle. As she pressed into God's vision for her life, she went on to publish several books while helping others publish their books. She finds great fulfillment in living a loving CHRIST-ian lifestyle. A devoted wife and mother for more than 34 years, she loves God, and others as she loves herself.

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