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Volunteer FAQ

Is there a conference dress code for volunteers?

No. We suggest that you consider what you may wear if you were attending a conference – something you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel good about you (after all, that’s when we smile the most!).  Generally slacks, capris, khakis or jeans with a nice top are the variety most volunteers wear.  Most importantly, wear comfortable shoes.

Will there be a place for my purse?

No. We encourage you to carry your identification and monies in a safe place on you. There is no storage place for volunteers’ belongings, so whatever you bring with you will need to stay with you. It is always a good idea to lock your purse in your trunk if you choose to leave it in your car.

Will I have time to go out for something to eat before the event starts Friday evening?

No. The Volunteer Meeting will conclude about 5:15pm and volunteers must be at their assigned locations by 5:30pm. This does not leave any time for going outside the facility to eat. Please feel free to eat during the Volunteer Meeting.

Will there be volunteer parking?

Depending on the venue, we may have volunteer parking available. This information will be provided to you in advance. We always encourage you to carpool. Also, some venues may require a parking fee on one or both days.

May I sign up my friends to volunteer?

No. We encourage you to share the EWomen web site with your friends, so they may apply themselves. This allows them to fully understand their responsibility and commitment during the conference.

Are men allowed to volunteer?

Yes. Men have the opportunity to work the entire conference in order to give their registration to someone else, or they are welcome to attend the conference if they choose.  Men are able to volunteer as a greeter or at a product booth.

What if I can only volunteer for one of the days?

We are seeking volunteers that can commit to both days, as EWomen provides a two-day conference registration to each volunteer and a box lunch on Saturday.

Will I be able to see the event?

Yes. Assignments are designed to allow volunteers the maximum amount of time to see the conference. Most roles will require you to be in position prior to the break before and/or after everyone arrives. Some assignments may require rotation during the conference.

I am attending the conference with friends that are not volunteering; may I sit with my group?

Yes. However, we will have reserved volunteer sections. We make every effort to provide excellent seats for our volunteers.

May I bring a child, family member or friend with me while volunteering?

No. Guests and children may not accompany you to the conference. If you have a friend or relative who is interested in volunteering, please invite them to apply.

I have already purchased a conference registration and/or box lunch, can I still volunteer? Will I be reimbursed?

You may still volunteer, but you will not be reimbursed for your registration/lunch. We encourage you to share them with someone who may need to be refreshed or come to know Christ.

What about parking, hotel and travel expenses?

Please refer to your city on the EWomen conference website for information. Remember that you are personally responsible for hotel and travel expenses as well as parking fees, where applicable.

What if I must cancel?

Your role is important and we are counting on your participation. A two-week notice is required in order to fill your vacated position. (In case of emergency, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 1-800-526-8673, ext.5522 as soon as possible.)

What about meals?

All volunteers will receive a complimentary box lunch on Saturday.

What if I have any other questions?

You may contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 1-800-526-8673, ext.5522

What if I have questions pertaining to sign language interpreting?

Please direct all sign language interpreting questions to the Volunteer Coordinator at 1-800-526-8673, ext.5522

What time is the Volunteer Meeting on Friday?

The Volunteer Meeting begins at 3:00pm for Team Leaders and 4:00pm for all other volunteers.

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