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“Stop Doing Business And

Create A “Day Of Love” For Healing & Restoration”
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img_8155Those were the words I heard, at 4 am, back in 2012. “Stop doing business and create a day of love for healing and restoration.” I wanted to ignore them. After all, I was making great money from selling my coaching programs to high level entrepreneurs. In my mind, these words were ridiculous.

Hi there, my name is Kellie Frazier, and the man with me in this picture above is my husband Jon.  We’ve been married for more than 34 years. We’ve got an amazing life together.

Can I share a secret? The ONLY reason we have an amazing life together is because of God’s unfathomable love and ability to create healing and restoration in our life. You see, in 2007;

  • my young nephew drowned
  • my little sister died of cancer
  • our family business shut down
  • Jon wanted out of our marriage for the umpteenth time
  • and I closed out that awful year with a traumatic brain injury

We didn’t eat well, we didn’t think well and we weren’t spiritually or financially well. Now before you start judging anything you just read, its important to understand. Neither of us grew up with healthy examples. Both sets of parents were generationally abused and passed down some pretty unhealthy beliefs. Our parents went through divorces, and so did most of our 15 siblings and numerous friends. So you see, it was nothing but unhealthy relationship examples at every turn.

Unhealthy relationships breed all kinds of fears like;

  • fear of rejection
  • fear of being judged or criticized by others
  • fear of being unloved
  • fear of being controlled
  • fear of failure
  • fear of being alone..and this list could go on and on

By the time we sought help, our two oldest sons were teenagers and we’d been married for 23 years.  We had no idea how many lies we’d been told about ourselves and about relationship.

It all came down to my saying, “Enough. If we want to live in the same house in a healthy way, then we’ll have to learn to love differently.”

We’d made a covenant to stay married and it was important to both of us.

It took powerful coaching to see that the kind of demented love we grew up with would steal, kill and destroy us. Once we focused on what “LOVE” is suppose to look like, we began teaching others how to love each other differently.  EVERYTHING in our world changed.

You Are More Valuable And Worthy Than You Know

 Working together in unity, towards love, towards healing and restoration, creates something magnificent – something special – that we all long for and want to be a part of.  God is so smart that way.

Here is what we learned;

  1. Love God first. We can’t ‘put’ God first – ever – unless we love him first.
  2. Take personal responsibility. Setting healthy boundaries and admitting when we’re wrong is vital.
  3. Focus on the victories. Both large and small habits make all the difference.
  4. Bring unity into your relationships. Healthy areas you want to be unified in are vital.
  5. Be gentle. This isn’t always easy but its an absolute must if you want healthy communication in your life.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day feeling:  

  • blessed by amazing relationships
  • able to create a loving home environment
  • to have a like-minded supportive community around you

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