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God Did Not Limit You – You Limited You

11950201_10154055214835802_7748668704284387103_oIs there something you’ve wanted to be freed from, and yet freedom seems like a

distant mountain you can’t climb? I use to feel the exact same way.

I know now that it isn’t God who’s limiting you in finding freedom. Its you.


The Bible says that these signs will follow them that believe; casting out devils,

speaking in new ways, healing and restoring

lives everywhere we go.  You know what this means?

YOU are the only one that limits you!


Walking boldly

You cannot afford to hold back anymore. Say this: “No one limits me.

Walking boldly before the Lord means that people will see someone who walks

with the Lord and isn’t afraid to destroy the devils plans. How can you light up

the world if you can’t even light up your own mind?  You cannot allow that kind

of pain to manifest inside you. You must walk out what God says without fearing man.

You cannot walk this planet without a sound mind. That is the very way the Bible

says we are to represent the father; with a sound mind. BE that someone who hears

God’s voice and who isn’t afraid to follow it.


Who’s voice do you hear?

Jesus said his sheep will hear and obey his voice. The stranger’s voice is ALWAYS

speaking however. If others don’t hear about what Jesus did for them then they

may never be free.  We cannot afford to walk in this life blinded by the world.

We’ve got to stop doubting God’s voice, the voice of the Holy One. We’ve got to be still long

enough to recognize that still small voice inside and to stop doubting it. My article about the still small voice

might help you recognize it more clearly, butyou’ve got to stop telling yourself its just YOUR thoughts,

when its really from God.


Live by two commands

I live by two commands; To love God with all my heart, soul and might and to love others

as I love myself.  This is my life.

I get quiet just so I can worship him and grow closer to him every single day. If I don’t

take that time, then I will not be walking with the sound mind of God. That’s how I

use to live. That’s part of why my own sons struggle with how I live today and want no

part of it, or me. I use to make decisions based on love for my husband and children

rather than on the love of Christ.  I allowed my home to become a flurry of Christian

activity rather than live a holy life. I cannot afford to do that any longer, nor can you.

Activities can actually limit you if they are not led by God, but solely by man.


Study, pray, serve the world

I want to study, learn and grow with God. I also want to commune,

pray and speak the words God gives me as I serve him.

Serving God doesn’t mean just serving him, but co-creating with

him to serve the world.


We commit our hearts 100% to being a son or daughter of our father!

Its imperative to understand what it means to be in communion with him.

Thanking him, loving him and growing with him daily. Its a choice to live

by praising the God who gave you life.

By doing this you’ll be able to walk in places like a

local burger joint and find people to heal.


People want to be freed

God gives me word of knowledge about others all the time.

There are problems people have and they struggle with them every day.

He wants us to be free from pain. He heals

people all the time and restores their lives.

If you were to say, “Lord God, right now, I surrender my life to you.

I don’t want to live in unforgiveness anymore. I invite you into my life Holy Spirit.

Jesus, I believe you paid the price on the cross for me and

you forgave my sins. Thank you for loving me that much. I give my life back to

you in Jesus name, Amen.”


To lead someone in a prayer like this means they are taking the first step

to move away from hell. It means you cannot walk by a maintenance worker

or someone cleaning the toilets at a truck stop, without thanking them for

what they do. Ask them if you can pray for them and bless them. Its not hard

to do this. It just might be a little awkward at first like it was for me the first time I

heard God say to go to Goodwill. You can find that story here.

Its what we’re suppose to be doing as Christians however.


Once I prayed for a young man who struggled with deafness, God healed him

and allowed his ear to open immediately.

I prayed for a young woman who wanted to commit suicide in a nearby park,

and depression left her immediately.

People are dying every single day because they don’t know the Jesus that you know!

You can’t let another day go by without telling them.


He isn’t the one limiting you

Your father loves you and he wants you back. Sow, water and give life to the seeds

he planted in you. What’s important is that lives get changed through you.

What if you were to touch just one person today

with his love? What if you blessed just one other person in your neighborhood

or school? What if the person who waited on you during lunch today was given a

larger tip than usual. How would it bless him or her?


I know that if Jesus were standing right here beside me, the Kingdom

would be advancing a thousand fold. That is my goal.

To heal and restore lives so I can bring Jesus to all people.  If you want to

join me then sign up here to stay up to date on whats



Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing this article.

Always Love,




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After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with a miracle. As she pressed into God's vision for her life, she went on to publish several books while helping others publish their books. She finds great fulfillment in living a loving CHRIST-ian lifestyle. A devoted wife and mother for more than 34 years, she loves God, and others as she loves herself.

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