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“Go To Goodwill” He Said, But He Never Told Me Why

goodwillWhen I got up out of bed on Saturday morning I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do that day. Its my normal day of rest so I usually plan to spend quiet time with God. On this day, I had plenty of things to keep me grounded however God had other plans.

As I was making my bed, I heard in my spirit, “Go to Goodwill.”

I stood up straight and said, “Whaaat? Why would I go to Goodwill?”

I wanted to ignore it, but I believe these moments are from God. I wasn’t thinking thoughts like that in any way.  I waited patiently to see if I would hear it again. Nothing, so I finished making my bed, and left the room.

In the kitchen I started to make a smoothie for breakfast. Suddenly, I heard it again, “Go to Goodwill.”

Ugh. I really didn’t want to go to Goodwill, but I definitely wanted to honor God. I thought about the last time I was there with my daughter looking for items for her wedding. Its been such a long time. I’ve been so blessed to have plenty of brand new clothes in my closet there was no need for Goodwill’s in my life any longer. But I knew if God told me to go then I would have to go.

To be honest, I dragged my feet by finding other things I “needed” to take care of before leaving my house. When I finally headed out toward Goodwill, I had no idea what I was going to do once I got there.

As I pulled into the parking lot I felt that “ugh” feeling again. Not because it was Goodwill, but because I had no idea what I was there for.  So I walked into the store and heard two people say, “Hi welcome to Goodwill!”

I responded with a smile and a thank you and then continued on into the store. Having no idea where to roam, I wasn’t sure if I should be looking at clothing or if I should be paying attention to the people. With God, it’s definitely not about clothing so people watching must be the reason I’m here. But for whom?

“This Is The Reason You’re Here”

After nearly 20 minutes of wandering, and being asked 3 times by kind-hearted clerks if there was anything they could help me with, I decided to grab a couple of sweaters to try on. Since there was no mirror in the isle, I headed toward the fitting rooms. Surely there must be mirrors there. As I got there I bent my head toward the ground to look for feet under the doors. That’s when I heard someone say, “Hi!”

I quickly turned left to look upward and in doing so, my hair fell across my entire face. Realizing my bum was probably in the air as I peeked under the doors, I said, “Oh, sorry.” and I stood up to straighten out my hair.

When I saw who was speaking, God gave me a word of knowledge immediately. “This is the reason you are here.”

With a slight pause, I replied, “Hi.”And took in the man I was speaking to. He was short in stature and had bright blue eyes. He was also raggedy and odoriferous.

I knew he was about to ask me for money, so instead I held out my hand and quickly introduced myself. Now most people who see a homeless man, would never introduce themselves. The last thing they want to do is touch the homeless person for fear of getting some disease transferred to them. I know this because that use to be me.

As I’m standing here with my hand held out, I noticed that he put both of his own hands behind his back. I smiled at him curiously then asked if I could help him with something. I didn’t quite know how to get the conversation started and that was all that came out.

He shook his head no, but then began to tell me the story of how he used to be a carpenter. A good one in fact, but then he lost his job and got cancer. His wife couldn’t tolerate him being out of work so she left him and took the children. He comes to Goodwill to ask people to hire him for handiwork around their house. He said he turned to whiskey to ease the pain of abandonment and that there were days when he wanted all of it to end.

Then, he pulled his hands forward and I noticed he had nearly every finger gone from both hands. That was why he hid them. He looked me in the eyes for a long moment then said, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. Most people don’t really care.”

I knew he was telling me the truth. I could see it in his eyes, the window to his soul.

I said to him, “Do you have any idea how much God loves you?”

He nodded his head. “M’am, Jesus lives right here in my heart.” as he pointed to his chest.

“Well good.” I replied. “In fact, it was God who brought me here to see you today. He wants you healed. May I put my hand on your shoulder so I can pray for you?”

He said, “Please! I would like prayer very much.” He moved a step closer to me and leaned in saying, “And I need a job too.”

I smiled and said, “Okay, we’ll pray for that too. What’s your name?”


The Holy Spirit’s Fire

I knew Gary had initially approached me to ask for money, but in this moment he had completely forgotten all about it. In fact, it was no longer a desire to receive money from me.

As I began to pray, God showed me four other people that were standing behind the clothing racks looking on. While I prayed I asked God to convict their hearts as well.

Gary said he felt heat from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes. I knew the Holy Spirit’s fire had healed him of his physical pain, and his emotional pain from abandonment. He felt the love of God return to his heart instantly.

“Give him money” I heard in my spirit.

“But Lord, he only needed prayer I thought!” I felt bad for arguing with God, even momentarily, so I took money out of my wallet. When I went to hand it to him he said, “Please, no, you’ve been very kind to me. I do not want to take your money.”

“I insist Gary. God brought me here to bless you, remember? He wants you to have it. But buy yourself some nice clothes for your next job interview.”

Gary smiled so big that his entire face lit up. “I will. I’ll get some food with it too. I can’t thank you enough.”


What Gary experienced was a personal “Day of Love” from God. He’ll probably never forget it and I hope he doesn’t. My prayer is that Gary left there with a closer walk with Jesus than ever before.

While this is “normal” activity for me to have a word of knowledge from God, its important to realize that I’m not any more significant or special than you are. What separates those of us who hear God from those who do not, is one word.


The story about that day in Goodwill doesn’t end here. Remember the on-lookers? Read their awesome story here.

God doesn’t want any of us to perish, but in our own stubborn way we will because we ignore him or push him away. Perhaps you want to listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, and obey what you hear, but you’re not sure how. I’ve created a Day Of Love video course that can help you understand what holds you back and how to move forward.

Life can be uncomfortable, but how RICH your life will be when you KNOW how much God loves you and wants you to help others see his face too.

Till next time… comment and share if you found this valuable. Connect to God, yourself and others.

Always Love,




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After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with a miracle. As she pressed into God's vision for her life, she went on to publish several books while helping others publish their books. She finds great fulfillment in living a loving CHRIST-ian lifestyle. A devoted wife and mother for more than 34 years, she loves God, and others as she loves herself.

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