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Bringing Your Relationships to The Next Level Begins With a Choice

Quit running from what God’s called you to do. Jonah didn’t run from God, he ran from what God called him to do. Can you relate??

Today, I’m going to share something I’ve been chastised for because people feel I’m boasting about giving to the poor. That is not so. I’m boasting of the love of God who orchestrates amazing miracles for each of us every single day. Particularly for those who hear him.

It was a typical Spring day, sunny and new life was popping up everywhere. As much as I wanted to spend time outside, it was time for me to go grocery shopping. I left my house and got to the door of the garage when I heard, “Go back to get $____ to give to the poor.”

Hmm…”Lord, please tell me again.”

I stepped on the breaks of my car and wondered if I heard what I just thought I heard. Indeed I did as I heard it a second time. The area I live in is not known for pan-handlers, yet there are some on occasion. I put my car in park. “Lord, I’m not arguing with you, I’m just thinking that I’m going grocery shopping, not visiting a shelter or seeing homeless people along the way.” (Funny how my shallow mind instantly went there.)

“You are arguing.” I heard in response.

I pulled my car back into the garage and did as I was asked.

I then drove 12 miles to the grocery store parking lot. As I pulled in to a parking spot I heard, “The couple near the carts need your blessing.”

Since I just drove in and hadn’t yet looked around, I had no clue who that might have been. It wasn’t until I got out of the car and headed toward the entrance of the store that I saw a young couple wearing the same teal colored t-shirts.

“Them?” I asked.

“Yes.” Came the reply.

I didn’t want to just walk up to them and hand them money before they did their shopping. If I saw them in the store isles I didn’t want them to feel awkward. I said, “Okay, I’ll do as you ask. Can you help me out just a little though? Could you make them stand behind me in the checkout line so I can give it to them a little inconspicuously?”

I mean, lets face it, handing money to total strangers, who aren’t asking for it, is going to be anything but comfortable. I figured at least it’ll be LESS uncomfortable in a grocery checkout line.

“Yes.” Came the reply.

I was relieved, but also hoping they wouldn’t be there at the same time, giving me excuse not to have to approach them at all. I love giving, don’t get me wrong. I just love to give when its “comfortable.” Can you relate??

I shopped the entire store, for more than 30 minutes, never once seeing the couple in any isle. A tall lively woman captivated my attention however. She needed help because of a paralytic arm. Then another woman needed some help, and still another. It was very unusual I thought, that so many ladies are in here needing assistance. Even more odd, was the fact that I was the only person standing near enough to help.

As I completed my shopping list, I came around the corner to get into a checkout line. There were at least 3 people in each line so I had to wait. A woman with a full cart pulled directly in behind me and commented about her food bill. That’s when I remembered the couple. “Oh shucks Lord, it didn’t work out today, maybe another time.”

Just then, out of my peripheral vision, I see teal t-shirts come around the corner. “No way…” I thought to myself. I look to see what line they would get in. Of all the ones to choose from, they selected mine. BUT…there was a woman with a full cart between us.

I said, “Well Lord, it looks like you’ll have to figure out another way if you want me to do this. You said you’d put them directly behind me and they’re not.”

Just then, the woman behind me said, “Oh here, take my spot, I’m going over to this line.”

Now if you’re wondering whether or not I gave them the money, don’t doubt it for one second. You see, only a generous loving God can create moments like these and he’s taught me to do the same.

What about you? Do you know how to choose to hear God?

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