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Want to Drive Me Crazy?

Beautiful Person Looking at You

It’s really quite easy…

Just call yourself ugly and watch me go wild.

Or fat – that does it too, especially when the skinny girls call themselves fat.

Or stupid – seriously? You really believe you’re stupid? Did you make it past grade 1? You’re smarter than you think.

Or a failure – everybody fails at something, you just need to keep trying until you succeed, that’s what I did.

Why does it drive me crazy?

Because this girl – ME Kelly Falardeau – has one of the most imperfect bodies out there and yet I’ve been called beautiful, hot, sexy and gorgeous by men, women and teenagers.

How can that be?

We need to be perfect in order to be beautiful, right?

Here’s a list of what’s imperfect about me:

I have:

• Two crooked fingers from when I got burnt to 75% of my body as a two-year-old

• Burn scars covering both of my hands, arms, face and chest

• Burn scars on my legs and back

• My breasts are too low

• Missing a nipple and the other one hardly qualifies as a nipple but it does work so it’s a nipple

• Deformed and scarred up ear

• More than half deaf in both ears

• Bottom lip is fat and scarred

• And I have a bald spot in the back of my head

And those are just the major imperfections of my body.

So why do I get called all those great names with such an imperfect body?


Because people don’t see the imperfections!!!!

They see my big beautiful green eyes, my cute little nose, my smile, my laugh, my energy, my passion, my spirit and if they’re a guy, they notice my hot ass (hehe – there’s a cute little love story that goes along with that, I’ll save that for another blog post)

Many people have told me they notice my scars for about the first five minutes and that was it. After that, they saw my energy, passion and spirit, not the imperfections.

So QUIT it!

Quit thinking you have to be beautiful for somebody else.

Quit thinking people are only going to notice your imperfections.

Quit thinking people are judging you.

Quit thinking you need to be beautiful in order to be accepted by others.

Quit worrying that you aren’t good enough.

Quit thinking you aren’t beautiful enough.

Quit thinking you aren’t smart enough.

Quit thinking you aren’t successful enough.

Quit thinking you aren’t skinny enough.

Quit thinking you aren’t young enough.

Quit thinking that you have to HAVE more or BE more.


People are way too concerned about themselves than to pay attention to you and what you look like, so give it up. Take your power back and let yourself feel all those amazing things you want to feel.

Stop trying to feel beautiful for anyone else but you, that’s what I did.

I stopped caring about whether someone else thought I was beautiful or not and when that happened, that’s when I truly felt beautiful.

Most of all, do it for you.  Discover your WOW factor!  If you don’t know how, then join us on The DOL View and let us help you!  Allow yourself to love your body, you deserve it!


Kelly Falardeau



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