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How The DOL Began…

In December of 2012, at 4 am, I heard the words, “Stop doing business and create a Day of Love.”

When I heard the words “Stop doing business” I became sullen and defiant. I was making thousands of dollars from selling my programs, and all the while working with high level entrepreneurs, so why in the world would I want to stop doing business? I turned over and tried to go back to sleep.

I heard the words again. “Stop doing business, and create a Day of Love”.

It took me four days of arguing with God, and feeling totally grieved in my spirit, before finally surrendering. On the fourth day I chose to stop doing business and step out, in complete faith, to see what God would do.

I was asked to simply “talk” to those I was led to. I was to share that the purpose for the Day of Love is for “healing and restoration” for women everywhere who are hurting.

As a result of my talking, incredible teams of volunteers emerged; mentors, production teams, a social media team, advertisers, sponsors, and this is how “The Day of Love” was born. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible its been to work with amazing women like those you see on this website.

God wants us to let go of religious labels and to understand 3 key elements of living in faith: a love for God, a love for ourselves, and a love for others.


On the first weekend of November we will hold an event for women everywhere for the Day of Love.

Some might say I’m crazy while many others say I’m brave. As far as I’m concerned I’m simply listening and obeying.

I am deeply humbled by the level of commitment of those who stand by this decision, and so many others who have other businesses and yet do so so so much to help make this community become a reality.

If you feel convicted to help too, please go to our volunteer tab and let us know what your strengths are, or what capacity you want to serve in. Without our volunteers, this event would never happen so we are deeply grateful for those who show up!

Thank you for reading this very “brief” synopsis. When the DOL book comes out next year, you’ll get to read the incredible miracles God produced to bring everyone together. You just can’t imagine the impact this has already had, and it’s only the beginning…

Always Love,

Kellie Frazier

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