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Discover Your Passion – yes that kind of passion

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.06.00 PMPeople always ask me:

“How did you discover your passion?”

“How did you know you wanted to be a speaker?”

“What did you do to discover your passion?”


My life…

I tried many different things and almost always failed.  I can’t count how many things I’ve tried and failed at, which of course led me to believe I was just a

loser and destined to fail.  I was jealous of people who succeeded and made lots of money.  Many times I wanted to just give up trying.

One time I even admitted to my ex-husband that I truly was a complete FAILURE.

I remember calling my mom and crying and saying “I just want to be a success, why can’t I be successful?”  I believed there was nothing out there for me to

become successful at.  I couldn’t focus and started and quit many projects.  I hated my life. The only good thing I had in my life were my three kids.

I couldn’t wake up in the morning unless I had to.  People thought I was crazy because every month I was on to something new.

I got bored easily and I constantly felt something was WRONG with me!


Questions I began to ask myself…

“Why didn’t I know what I wanted to be?”

“Why couldn’t I figure ‘it’ out?”

“Why couldn’t I just pick ‘something’ and settle on it?”

“What do I have to do to figure this out?”


Discovering what ‘it’ was…

Discovering my passion was not an easy process – it took me many years.  Trying anything and everything taught me what I ‘liked’ and ‘didn’t like’ to do.

  • I started to pay attention to my body and the feeling I got when I did certain things.
  • I started to say ‘no’ to things that didn’t interest me at all, even though others thought they would be good for me to do.
  • I started paying attention to what ‘energized’ me and what ‘deflated’ me.
  • I discovered what I was ‘great’ at and what I was ‘horrible’ at.
  • I discovered what I could do ‘quickly’ and what took me ‘forever’.
  • I discovered what I was ‘excited’ about and what I was ‘bored’ with.

And then I was introduced to Charmaine Hammond at a women’s networking event. She said to me, “Kelly, you need to be a speaker, people will be inspired by your story.” I said, “I’m just a burn survivor, so what?”

She then did two things for me. Firstly, she found a way for her and I to speak together at an event that Jo Ann Vacing was hosting. This is where I got my first taste of being on a professional speaking stage.

Secondly, she asked if I would volunteer at an event she was hosting and Janet Atwood was presenting the Passion Test. At this event, I discovered what my top five passions were and found that ‘inspiring others’ was my number two passion.

At the end of the event, I waited patiently for Janet to talk to everyone and then had my turn. Janet was amazing, she gave everyone as much time as they needed with her. If you needed only two minutes, you got it, if you needed to spend 30 minutes with her, you got it.

When it was my turn, she took me by my arms, looked me in my eyes and said, “Kelly, your scars are your gift, use them, be a speaker and inspire others.” And I said, “Fine then, I’ll be a speaker!” and then I smiled at her and we hugged.

I am forever grateful for Charmaine introducing me to Janet Atwood – Janet was the one who pushed me over the edge and made me finally step into my passion of being a speaker.

Ever since I stepped into that role, my life turned magical and I’ve had tremendous success in all areas of my life.


Since taking the Passion Test…

  • I quit my dead-end job that was making me miserable
  • I ended a loveless relationship that was making me miserable
  • I was named the Top Ten Most Powerful and Influential Speaker
  • I won the Fierce Woman of the Year award
  • I was on the cover of the Be Fabulous magazine
  • I won the MOM Executive Officer award
  • I won the People’s Choice Award in the Everyday Woman Modeling Competition
  • Became a Best-Selling Author – not once, or twice but three times
  • I became a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • I won the YWCA Woman of Distinction award
  • I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of traveling to Africa and spoke to hundreds of burn survivors and teenagers

All of this happened because I decided to follow my passion and inspire others. None of that would have happened if I didn’t accept it and take action on it.

Janet Atwood and the Passion Test

Janet Atwood

I am also very excited that Janet Atwood is going to be one of our guest speakers on our Day of Love View  on Aug 14th, at 9 pm est, and 7 pm mst.

This will be the first time Janet and I have talked since I took her Passion Test almost three years ago.  If you want to understand why living your purpose out is so important, and you want to know what you’re passionate about, watch us live and ask Janet your own questions like I did.  If you go to this page you can also get a free gift that shares incredible tips about engaging in greater relationships.


Hugs Kelly

PS – Write a comment below and you could be one of 3 winners of our ‘Secrets to Self Love’ program!!!!!

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