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Why Is DATE NIGHT Important?

IMG_5842When you first start dating someone you set your sites on whether they meet all your requirements. You know what I’m talking about… that special list of, 15 things that make him/her “the one”.

Until you know that you know, that you know, this man or woman actually IS the one, you keep dating and pursuing them.

After marriage however, date night fades when the mundane overshadows the impetus of life. We say we’re too busy with work, we feel guilty for leaving the children, we don’t know where to go or have anything left to talk about. We find every excuse there is not to strategically develop the most powerful relationship we can humanly have.

So why do we do that???

Not to sound redundant from one of my previous posts called, When You Love Someone But You’re Not Compatible, but Males and Females were created incompatibly different from birth. We know man was made from the dust of the earth, and woman was formed from Adam’s rib, according to scripture.  We know that dust and ribs are also made up of completely different cells and particles. One could even say, they’re incompatible.

Males often see things competitively – as in winning or losing, and right or wrong.

Females often see things as a collaborative opportunity to build relationships.

Males often hunt for the right bargain.

Females decide if something is in alignment with their spirit or not.

We were created to be different

I believe that God made us different for a good reason.  SO DIFFERENT in fact, that it often requires us to digIMG_5845 deep into our soul. This digging helps us choose forgiveness and love, which takes an act of unselfish decisions and mature conversations.

But here’s the thing…we need each other to live, love and learn.  Date night is a powerful way to expand on those concepts in a way that can make your marriage fun and exciting.

Unifying saves marriages

Did you know that unity is achievable even when we’re not compatible? Check this out.

“COMPATIBILITY is the state of existence or occurrence without problems or conflict.”

“UNITY is the state of being united or joined as a whole.”

Did you catch that last word??  WHOLE!

So being compatible is existing while being united produces wholeness.

While you may think this is just Symantec’s, I can assure you its not.  Just before my client’s marriages fall apart, they discover where they are united on important matters. Date night is usually one factor that brings them back to unity. Date night tells the other person they’re important. Its a place where couples find harmony and peace.

Making date night a priority

Unifying on dating means

  • deciding together when to put it on the calendar
  • planning ahead to make a reservation
  • asking the boss for vacation time
  • finding a sitter if they have children.

These steps aren’t difficult. They are strategic to unifying.

Date Night Ideas That Include Conversation TimeIMG_5837

  • Coffee house or fireside chats
  • Movie night with dessert afterward
  • Pottery making
  • Painting
  • Wine tasting
  • Antiquing
  • Walking or hiking
  • Biking to your favorite ice cream or Yogurt parlor

Now you have new ideas and no more excuses! Get your mate, get your calendar and get creating dates for this entire month. List 4 dates you can do this month. When the last week of the month is near, create 4 more dates for the following month.


Always Love,

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