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Bye-Bye Kellie Frazier

animals_kicking_bird_out_of_nest_dr-com1-400x244-24e5g2eThank you to those of you who’ve messaged me about the Kellie Frazier website being down or deleted. Although every teacher I’ve ever had will freak out over what I did, it absolutely needed to go.
When you’re called by God to head in another direction that is totally opposite from where you are, its like getting kicked out of the nest. Its to prepare you to fly on total faith, believing and trusting that you actually can. Its never easy, but take it from someone whose heard that still small voice her entire life, it produces deeply transformative results.

Stop Doing Business

In 2012, after earning thousands of dollars in my company with a projection of earning far more, I was shocked to hear the Holy Spirit say, “Stop doing business and create a day of love for healing and restoration.”
“What? I know I didn’t hear you right God.” I replied in my mind. I even tried to turn over and go back to sleep. I heard it again however, and yes, I did hear it correctly. Three times total in fact. “Stop doing business and create a day of love for healing and restoration.”
It took me four days to process my thoughts that were now reeling. The first day I was honestly soooo mad. I’d worked harder than anyone on the planet (or so I felt) to establish my company. My husband even worked hard with me. How could this not be what God wanted us to do?
The second day I cried so much I didn’t know I could grieve that way. The third day I tried to manipulate God by saying, “What if I do what you want me to do part time, and then do my own business the rest of the time?”. The lesson I learned from that day… God wasn’t asking for me to compromise. He wanted my obedience.
The fourth and final day, I fully surrendered to his will. I still didn’t quite understand my direction, or what I was to do other than to ‘talk’ about it, but I let go. As I type this that was four years ago. Soooo much has happened since then. Healing and restoration of lives that you can read about all throughout my blog.
The focus of this particular post however is to share with you the lessons I learned during my on line work experience as an author, speaker and coach. Having a personal website, or being a difference maker, is a wonderful educational experience. I learned some pretty hard lessons through the first few years.  I thought if sharing these lessons would be helpful to someone else, then it was worth the time to write them down.
Lesson #1 Growth is exciting.
I used my website to inspire and connect people to God, themselves and their families while creating an information empire. My calling was to help people heal and restore their personal and professional relationships. I also wanted to become the best person I could possibly be in the process. A willingness to grow helps you get clear about your divine purpose.
Lesson #2 Developing thicker skin.
While I had built a great deal of momentum with my website early on, my friends and family began to step away saying I thought I knew it all. I was completely caught off guard by this. Listen, it will happen on some level but never-ever take anyone’s harsh criticism or unhealthy perspectives in unless their is some truth to it. Be determined to draw closer to God and to those who will uplift and pray you forward. You’ll grow thicker skinned if you know this could happen ahead of time.
Lesson #3 Staying focused.
Draw closer to the journey you’re meant to be on, especially if you know God has called you to it. Let go of other people’s agenda’s if you can. You’re on a mission and your website is the place to share it. With more success comes more responsibility and more people who will try to get you to see their product or their agenda as more important. Oh, and stop being consumed by email or texting every 10 minutes. You know what I’m talking about.
Lesson #4 Passionately sharing what your called to share.
I began posting videos on my website about what I had learned or what I was learning. Some of them were really scary for me to upload because it felt vulnerable. Its human nature to be afraid, to resist change or even get upset by the things we don’t understand. The important thing to remember is to never let that dominate your life, not even for 10 seconds, or you’ll never create the impact you’re called to make. You’ve got a light that needs to be shared so go out and SHARE IT, no matter how many mistakes you make. BE the little train who said, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” because you CAN. Besides, you’ll never know who is actually lurking around your website who’s life could dramatically shift because of one little thing you shared.
Lesson #5 Study. Learn. Teach.
My website was like my home for the first several years. It was a place I could study, learn and teach from, even if it wasn’t the most professional looking site. Some even said it was downright awful, but still it was my home. I wanted to Study. Learn. Teach. Although I was harshly criticized for not being a millionaire while I was teaching how to become one, I know that you don’t have to already be an author to write a book, or be a millionaire to know what it takes to be one. Just be willing to study, learn and teach what you know to be true. When you’ve been called to grow into someone bigger than you currently are, your experiences will naturally grow too. Just. Stick. With. It.
Lesson #6 Technology can be daunting.
Get help. 🙂
Lesson #7 Building community through generosity.
Nothing I ever gave away on my website was without benefit to someone. Whether it was an info graphic, a pdf, an ebook or an audio. If you are generous with your knowledge, your skills and your spirit, you’ll build a great community who love what you do and who you are or represent. I’ve recently created 21 videos on having a healthier marriage and have given them away for free to anyone who comes to my page. With how rapidly divorce has affected this country, how quickly do you think that website community will grow?  GIVE FIRST and you will build momentum toward a lucrative mission.
I’d have to say that the most important lesson my personal website taught me was how to love God, myself and others (and in that order) in a much, much healthier way. Interesting right? Too bad we can’t go back and undo what we’ve done, but super exciting that we get to do it differently now that we know better.
Thank you for reading this and for those who visited my home site. MUAH!! I’ve enjoyed every second of getting to know you and I look forward to sharing the miraculous work God is now doing through my surrender, on a different site that is all about Jesus, not about Kellie Frazier.
If you want to stay informed just sign up here.  <3
Always Love My Friend,




Founder at Connecting LLC
After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with a miracle. As she pressed into God's vision for her life, she went on to publish several books while helping others publish their books. She finds great fulfillment in living a loving CHRIST-ian lifestyle. A devoted wife and mother for more than 34 years, she loves God, and others as she loves herself.

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2 Responses to Bye-Bye Kellie Frazier

  • Hi Kellie, I think you are a Phenominal person that God is just preparing for something greater. Sometimes because of our Overwhelming passion for what we do God allows a Adversity to come and Force us into change because He knows it’s the Only Way we will move because of the Love and Compassion we have for his people. I say to you stay strong because the Next Chapter will be greater my Friend!..GB…CC

    • Thank you for the support and your very kind words Pastor Clint. I agree that as long as we are in alignment with God’s assignments we’ll know what direction to move in and when to move in it. You’re on to doing BIG things yourself and I look forward to one day being in the same room with you and Brenda. Much love! Kellie

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