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Two Exercises For Greater Health and Greater Wealth

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.50.48 AMThere are things being established for you without you even knowing it, and the truth is… ALL good things come from God.  From greater health to greater wealth. But how do you tap into that source to actually make it happen in your life?

One day I was on Facebook when a chat message came up. It was from a woman named Gertrude Nakintu, saying she wanted to ask me a question. She wanted to understand how to put together a women’s live event to inspire her village of women to live in faith, hope and love.  Gertrude and I had never spoken before, even though we had belonged to the same private Facebook group.  Her words were so rich and so passionate that she had me feeling inspired to help her within a few days.  This conversation was never about money, but about prayer and time to help her understand how to create a live event.

Gertrude knew God would guide her in putting together whatever she wanted because she believes that all good things come from God.  I knew that putting two simple steps into practice immediately, so that every good thing which was meant to happen, would.  I’ve made these two steps a habit for my life and believed they would allow her to live from the overflow of love as well.

Thus began a long-lasting relationship between an adopted daughter from Africa and an adopted mother-figure from the United States

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.07.12 PMNot only did Gertrude create an event for over 200 newly inspired women, but she went from there to creating a school for needy children.  She allowed nothing to create an upper limit for her or stop her from attaining her goal.  Her words were powerful and she was able to get people to say yes because of her passion, her skills, her natural ability to join her, and all of this, created purpose.

The school was dedicated in my name, which I felt quite humbled by.  I was proud of the deep relationship Gertrude had with God and the work ethic my newly adopted daughter had.  I vowed to do all I could to help her sustain the project she had created with the school.

She found someone who donated property to build a school on, then she found teachers, supplies, money and food to feed them with. What was most amazing to me was that she found teachers who would volunteer their time to help educate these babies under her care.

None of this would have ever happened if not for the constant powerful words we speak and the two exercises we put into practice every single day.  We both know this.  Gertrude and I have been in prayer numerous times over these past few years, over Facebook, email and Skype.  The school has grown, things have changed a great deal and we’re working on more and more growth for the school today.  Gertrude began an initiative for women and girls, opened more schools, hired teachers, and even though we live worlds apart, we know dreams come together with the words in our minds, hearts and spirits.

So exactly how important are the words you speak? 

Most people tell themselves, with subconscious words, that they fit in to one of these three categories.  See if you can relate:

  • You know you are worthy
  • You could potentially be worthy
  • You are not worthy

These thoughts will play out in every possible way throughout your life. You will never grow beyond what you think or what you speak about unless you find ways to change these words.

Here are two exercises (in order) that you can do to achieve greater health and greater wealth.

Accept:  A simple method that you really can’t move forward without is to accept right were you are. Be here in the moment rather than thinking about what you left at the office. Forget where you think you should be at.  Accept where you are right now. To do so is to lower the fear in your brain which shuts down your brain power.

Acceptance is a proactive state to open up your ability to grow from that point on.

Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to roll over and being okay with it. It’s awareness to your reality.

Let go: You have to let go so your brain can open up neuro pathways to be free from the hundred pound bag of rocks you often carry around with you.

When you can get your brain and your emotions in sync you can get your commitment level to whatever you want to do with  your life in line as well.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.57.54 AMPassion + skills + natural talent + perseverance = purpose

These two steps, are exactly how Gertrude started the school. She accepted what she had to do and let go of the outcome. She began one small step at a time and each one led to another.  Today, the school is one of my philanthropy projects, as well as the focus of three other women from the U.S. who work with Gertrude to keep the school going, even a half a world away.

One way I do this is by creating books like our recent best seller, “God’s Miracles; True Stories of Healing and Restoration.”  God inspires the books I write.  The best part is that we know these books impact thousands of lives around the world, not just the authors who contributed their miraculous stories, but also the children half way around the globe.

If you, too,  would like to do something to make an impact for the children, now is your chance to do something that becomes a WIN for everyone, especially YOU.  When you buy this book, one for yourself and one for someone else, you get incredible stories of miraculous healing, inspiration that beats all inspiration, powerful testimonies of God’s love for you AND…. you will be contributing to The Kellie Frazier Kindergarten School.  The proceeds go directly toward the school, so our little one’s stay dry and have plenty of food to eat.

Here is the book on Amazon and if you have an organization that is looking for a philanthropy project let me know.

Always Love,

P.S. If you have a story to share, please feel free to submit it at this website:



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