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Building a Supportive Relationship

supportive relationshipDo you have supportive relationships in your life that help you to be a better person? Do your relationships tend to build you up or tear you down? Do you find yourself happy with your relationships or feeling stressed? Knowing that there are many people who have relationships with us, let’s find out how our relationships measure up. Remember that some are supportive and some can be detrimental by taking from us and providing nothing back.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you found that best friend who was there for you regardless of what was going on? That’s what we want to use as a reference point when it comes to recognizing the signs of a supportive relationship and how to build it up. In turn, we must also recognize relationships that are less supportive and take away from our joy and happiness. Some only seem supportive in the good times, but are not there for the times when support is truly needed. The first step is to decide if the relationships in your life are negative or supportive.

What is a supportive relationship?

A supportive relationship is one where both parties are satisfied and feel socially connected. A relationship that is supportive is somewhere you can turn for support in hard times and to find joy in good times. There are different relationship levels. We are closer to some people than others, therefore we tend to rely on different people for different emotional support. There are several characteristics that define a supportive relationship.

  • Communication – Supportive relationships are successful because of communication. Communication skills are vital.
  • Time – It takes time to build supportive relationships. Both people in the relationship must be willing to invest time.
  • Trust – Nothing can be successful without trust. Supportive relationships are honest relationships.

How can I build a supportive relationship?

Building supportive relationships take time. Start by being available to others. By supporting others you will gain respect and support in return. By building relationships you can find protections, support, sounding boards and help.

Some skills that are important to building supportive relationships are:

  • The ability to see the other side – To support someone else, you must be able to understand their point of view.
  • Willingness to grow and change – Building a relationship takes time and growth. You must be flexible and willing to challenge and grow your beliefs.
  • Admitting mistakes –  We all make mistakes and that is how we learn. People in supportive relationships are willing to admit they were wrong and ask for forgiveness.
  • Be open and honest – You can not build a relationship if you are hiding something. Learn to live a honest life and strive for true authenticity.

How can I support others?

Approach problems with a teamwork attitude. When a friend turns to you for support or advice, do not only give advice. Truly listen to them and be sure you are not just giving, but truly hearing what they need. This is the best way to provide support to others. There are ways to build up yourself in order to be able to give to others. Some tips for giving others are:

  • Performing acts of kindness – Doing good makes you feel good. Random acts of kindness not only support others, but help you to feel supportive as well.
  • Volunteering/Giving to charity – Supporting those who are less fortunate than we are is a wonderful way to show support and kindness to others.
  • Being physically active and taking care of your health – You can’t support others if you are not taking care of yourself. Be good to yourself so you are able to give.

Supportive relationships are good for you because we all need support, love and encouragement. Building relationships with others is vital to our own well being. Building a supportive relationship will truly bring awareness of yourself and others.

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Kim Beasley

Kim Beasley is a Social Media Strategist who loves developing WordPress websites. One of the projects that Kim focuses on is KimLive.TV where she produces Google+ Hangouts and host Hangouts on Air shows. She will be producing the DOL LOVE live streaming events where we’ll meet and greet the public and find out what your greatest questions are about LOVE. Being passionate about helping business owners to grow their visibility, Kim loves to connect people and technology. After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America as a Technical Project Manager, Kim decided that she wanted to focus more on business owners and use her MBA in eBusiness to help them grow their online presence. She created KimLive.TV to assist business owners to develop their own Google+ Hangout show as their producer. Kim has also been part of Hangouts on Air with news organization such as: HuffPost Live, FOX, BBC,, NBC, and Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.

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