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The Big Leap: Changed Attitude & Overcoming Limits

the big leapRecently, a good friend recommended that I read the book The Big Leap because of the impact that it had on her life. I put it off for a couple of weeks before I actually bought the audio version and listen to it. The one action of buying The Big Leap and then reading it cause me to change my attitude and overcome limits I had placed on my life.

Because I feel so strongly about the impact that The Big Leap has had on my life, I highly recommend that this is a book you add to your library. One of the things that it helped me to see where the Upper Limits that I was placed on my life which hindered me from changing my attitude about success and accomplishing all of my goals.

Tips for applying The Big Leap to your life

the big leapWhen reading The Big Leap, it’s best to keep an open mind, open attitude and is ready to overcome limitations. In an article by the author, Gay Hendricks, that’s entitled Overcome Your Upper Limits, below are Hidden Barriers that can help you apply The Big Leap to your life.

  • Hidden Barrier No. 1: Feeling Fundamentally Flawed – The belief that one is fundamentally flawed in some way is an immense barrier to optimal experience. And it brings with it a related fear: If you did make a commitment to fully using your unique gifts, you might fail. This belief tells you to play it safe and stay small. That way, if you fail, at least you fail small.
  • Hidden Barrier No. 2: Disloyalty and Abandonment – This barrier is the feeling that I cannot expand on my full success because it would cause me to end up all alone, be disloyal to my roots and leave behind people from my past.
  • Hidden Barrier No. 3: Believing That More Success Makes You a Bigger Burden – This barrier is the feeling that I cannot achieve my highest potential because I’d be an even bigger burden than I am now.
  • Hidden Barrier No. 4: The Crime of Outshining – The unconscious mantra of the outshining barrier goes like this: I must not achieve my full success, because if I did I would outshine someone and make him or her look or feel bad.

What’s next… The Big Leap into changed attitude and overcoming limits

As I began to apply the principles of The Big Leap to my life, I realized that it boiled down to the choices I made on a daily basis which determined if I was going to change my attitude and overcome limits. Yes it can be an emotional process to make the changes, yet it is rewarding and encouraging to know that I’m overcoming limits that hindered me in the past.

One hindrance I used to allow in my life was that I couldn’t develop informational products to share my knowledge. The feeling was associated with Hidden Barrier No. 1 and once I identified it, I was able to move ahead in changing my attitude and overcoming this limitation. A lot of help was received from my business mentor who has assisted me in identifying ways that I could create informational products and deliver them to my target customers.

Another hindrance was thinking that I could do it all by myself and only when I felt overwhelmed that I could then delegate tasks. That was not good for me and my business growth so I decided that an inner circle of supportive people would be what I needed along with a virtual team. This has given me purpose in life and purpose in my business as I delegate before the overwhelm.

What’s keeping you back from meeting your goals in life? How can you change your attitude so that you can overcome limitations? My hope is that The Big Leap is a book that you purchase and choose to apply to your life.

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Kim Beasley

Kim Beasley is a Social Media Strategist who loves developing WordPress websites. One of the projects that Kim focuses on is KimLive.TV where she produces Google+ Hangouts and host Hangouts on Air shows. She will be producing the DOL LOVE live streaming events where we’ll meet and greet the public and find out what your greatest questions are about LOVE. Being passionate about helping business owners to grow their visibility, Kim loves to connect people and technology. After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America as a Technical Project Manager, Kim decided that she wanted to focus more on business owners and use her MBA in eBusiness to help them grow their online presence. She created KimLive.TV to assist business owners to develop their own Google+ Hangout show as their producer. Kim has also been part of Hangouts on Air with news organization such as: HuffPost Live, FOX, BBC,, NBC, and Yahoo! Small Business Advisor.

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