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Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 12.21.21 PMBeen Thinking About Becoming An Author?

Are you a faith-based believer who keeps hearing you need to write a book?

Hi there, my name is Kellie Frazier and I reeeeeally want to encourage you to get your book written. If God’s put a message on your heart then you’ve GOT to get it done. The BEST way to do that well is through coaching. I’m not saying that so you can become my client. I’m saying that because of personal experience.

The Accident

I was humbled by a CLUNK on the head in 2007. Words were impossible to get out at times and even more impossible to understand. I remember flying several feet into the air, but just before my head hit the pavement I said 3 words that came subconsciously flying out of my mouth, “Jesus save me!”


I landed hard. This impact moved my brain forward and to the right. It also brought on an immediate traumatic brain injury.

Over the next 6 months I had daily seizures and paralysis at times. Sometimes I acted like I was ten-years-old, other times I was twenty. You never knew who I’d show up as, or on what day. It was painfully obvious that I was about to have more doctors visits, physical therapy, research, hard work and LOTS of tears, than I’d ever had in my lifetime.

Six months later, however, I finally got to experience God’s grace in a way I never knew.

One night I had a clear cognitive memory. I remembered the words that came flying out of my mouth before my head hit the pavement. “Jesus save me.” Now I was mad. Reeeeally mad actually. “God?” I said, “I know you can save me. I don’t know why you haven’t. But if this is what my life is going to be like tomorrow morning, then I don’t want to wake up.”  I wasn’t depressed or suicidal, just exhausted from the pain and sad watching my young pre-teen daughter be my care-giver.

I fell fast asleep. The next morning, I woke up to a soft glow in my room. I felt the most incredible peace, love and joy I’ve ever experienced in my life. Its honestly impossible for me to articulate this experience properly so I’ll just leave it at that.

Suddenly, a vision come into my mind. It was like a dream only I was wide awake. I know this because I touched my face and neck just to be sure it wasn’t my brain playing tricks on me. In this vision I was an author who had already written several books. I was a speaker on multiple stages. Seconds later I was meeting people from all around the world.

What is happening? I didn’t understand why I was seeing any of this.

I’ve never had a desire to do any of these things before. I knew it wasn’t coming from me for that reason. All I could say was, “How is any of THAT suppose to happen?” (I even said it rather sarcastically.)

What returned to my spirit immediately were two simple words, “Trust me.”

Fast forward to today and I’ve written nine books, I speak all over and a I coach people from all over the world. That was one very special dream God gave me, wouldn’t you agree?

Some people call me anointed, some call me a healer, but in truth, I’m simply a believer who loves to share what I learn from God. What I felt in that room, the morning of my vision, propels me every single day of my life.

How This Course Was Born 

My family and I returned from a long drive. We had spent over 55 hours on the road. Yuck, right? So when we got home we all planned to go directly to bed.

The strange thing was, I heard God speak to me about this very course for authors. I found walking through the door and setting up a mini studio in our living room instead.

What are you doing?” My husband asked me. He must have thought I’d gone mad. 

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to do, so I just smiled at him and said, “Just following a prompting babe.”

TI began filming this course you’re about to see. I didn’t stop filming for two days, except to do normal things like eat and sleep. I didn’t have a videography team, professional lighting, fancy cameras or even a backdrop. I had my whiteboard behind me and my iphone in front of me. Before I knew it, I started teaching information that I didn’t know I even knew; like technology, publishing, illustration and design.  

Since I’ve publish several books, and learned from the gurus, this information must have been stuck in my brain, right? Guru’s would also be asking top dollar, and I even paid top dollar for far less of a course than what I’m giving you here.

I’m not a marketer or a guru. And this isn’t about big bucks. This course is simply a representation of God’s love for both YOU and I. When He speaks life into me – I move in action.

My Writing Experience

My experience include hundreds of articles for ezines and magazines, I’ve self published 9 of my own books, contributed to others, and have helped many students (including best sellers)  publish their books on amazon.

What I loves most, is that God knows exactly what he was doing and when he’s going to do it.

So if you’ve been inspired to write a book, especially one that glorifies God, then let me share what you’ll get from this program.


  • You become an author the minute you get published
  • You’ll learn self publishing tips and insights you won’t get elsewhere
  • You’ll know the most important questions to ask
  • You’ll know where to find editors and formatter’s who are closer than you think
  • Protocols to follow and mistakes to avoid
  • Create sustainability and confidence
  • How to research quickly in just a few steps
  • Where to get book cover designs inexpensively
  • How to navigate the publishing process
  • You’ll get free templates for greater productivity
  • And templates to promote your book on social media
  • Plus 3 great bonus videos on personal development

Becoming A Self Published Author walks you through from start to finish. You’ll even get templates to help you work with your network of friends and family to help promote your book without a built-in network.

To give you some value right now, whether you buy my course or not, I want to share 3 important keys that will make your words STAND OUT as you venture on your own.

Your goal is to get your book shared in remarkable ways.

Remarkable way number 1: Make your readers thirsty.

Have you ever noticed that those books that make you wonder what’s going to happen next are those people talk about? Make them thirsty enough to want to take a drink. What’s going to happen next? This keeps loyal readers for a very long time.

Remarkable way number 2: Create interesting pictures in the minds of your readers.

Use excellent descriptors in your writing. Description carries a lot of weight if the reader can paint a picture in their mind. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes the best descriptors are very simple.

Remarkable way number 3: Use a compelling narrative voice.

Open your story with the voice of a narrator that the reader can instantly identify with. Write in a way that relates things in a fresh new way. Help your reader stay fully engaged and wanting to share it with others.

Here are a few students reviews of the course;

“Kellie I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your knowledge and experience to get this book done. Your step-by-step videos made it easy. I want to go back through the course again and implement the pieces I missed. This has been an awesome experience.” Heath Williams, Author

“Kellie, allow me take this opportunity to say thank you for the tutorials about becoming an author. I am really finding every video worth it and I am convinced that by the end of the whole tutorial I will be a better person. Thank you for the great input, may the Almighty God bless you in all you are are doing.” Bryan Nkalubo, Physician

“Your knowledge is insightful and empowering. Your course definitely gives any author a launch pad towards success. This training helps me navigate through the technology of self-publishing like a pro! I felt like you were right there holding my hand step-by-step!” Amy Balderree, Kymah Consulting

“Kellie Frazier has done the world of budding authors a huge favor by assembling this course. As I worked my way through the materials it downed on me that she was helping a beginning author to move from zero to hero. Her enthusiastic and positive approach will make a believer out of each student. When I received the course, I was well into the process of self-publishing my book. But I realized if I had this course from the very beginning I would have avoided many mistakes. In my judgement, every dollar spent on this course is money well-spent.” Randy Hartman, Author

So if you’re wondering whether this course is right for you…ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Do I feel a “Yes” in my spirit?

2. Do I feel in alignment with, or resonate with, Kellie?

3. Is my gut telling me this program will help me write and publish my first book?

If you hear yourself saying….count_me_in

then get started immediately.

Becoming_a_SelfPublished_Author_00 This course is only $397!

The bonuses alone are worth more than that.

Click the Buy Now button below to get started!

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 9.38.19 AM


When does this course begin?

As soon as you sign up. You can log in and start it immediately!

What does it cost?

The normal price is $497, but with additional coaching and extra bonuses, the total value you can receive is $946.

If I don’t sign up now, can I join later?

You can join anytime. To get the price break with bonuses however, you’ll want to get it now.

Can I buy it now at the current prices and go through it later?

You’ll have access to this version of the course for 1 year, plus any updates we make.

Do I have to have a manuscript already written to take this course?

No. We’ve seen this material help people write their manuscript during the course.

What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?


How much time is required?

You should set aside 30 minutes per day to get your book written, published and promoted over the next several months.

What happens if I don’t do the entire course right away?

The course is go-at-your-own pace. We suggest going through one module per week.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us here.