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Great Ways, And Not-So-Great Ways

New Authors Self-Publish Their Books

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Are you ready to research,

write or publish your first book?

There is an old saying…”If you’re going to do a job, you might as well do it right the first time or you’ll be paying someone else to clean up the mess later on.”

This is NOT where I want to see anyone end up!

You have the ability to write and self-publish your book the proper way… and to do it right from the start, but you will definitely need help. Here’s why… 


I’m Kellie Frazier, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Mentor. I’d like to share a very brief story with you. My first book was sponsored by a very generous man. I wrote it, uploaded it, published it, and with very high expectations I might add.  I just “knew” it was going to be successful!

Not only did I not know a lot about self-publishing, selecting the best categories, getting a network of people to help me launch my book at that time, but I knew even less about planning a launch.  In fact, my new baby granddaughter launched into the world at that time but that book…yep…you guessed it. *insert fizzle sound here* 

I learned the hard way that I needed a coach, someone who had been there before me and knew how to do it. Someone who could show me the ropes. 

By the time my next book came out on Amazon it had over one thousand downloads on Kindle in the first few hours, AND that book hit the #1 & #2 categories on the Best Seller’s list!

The money rolled in, book signings were fun, speaking engagements cropped up out of no where…and THAT my friend, is the difference between knowing what you’re doing and just ‘hoping’ something works out.

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I am going to share 3 important keys that will make your words STAND OUT so you know your book will be read.

Key #1. Make your readers wonder.

Have you ever noticed that those books that make you wonder what’s going to happen next are those people talk about? Put a question in your readers’ minds.  What’s going to happen? Make them wonder from start to finish and you’ll keep loyal readers for a very long time.

Key #2. Create an interesting picture in the minds of your readers.

Use excellent descriptors in your writing. Description carries a lot of weight when it encourages people to paint a picture in their minds. If the reader can paint a picture in their mind they will enjoy imagining that scene so much more than simply being told about it.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes the best descriptors are very simple. 

Key #3. Use a compelling narrative voice.

When you open your story with the voice of a narrator the reader can instantly identify with, or one that relates things in a fresh new way, it will help your reader stay fully engaged and wanting to share it with others.

Sharing your book with others is how your loyal following will grow. There are so so so many more important things you’ll want to discover before getting started so you can create the BEST book launch possible.

What you need to know to create a book that sells!

  • How to write a great book
  • Self Publishing VS Traditional Publishing
  • Ten questions you need to ask to define your audience
  • How to find a literary agent
  • Protocols to follow when self-publishing (and mistakes to avoid)
  • Where to go and who to hire when you need book cover designs
  • 5 keys to navigating the publishing process
  • 3 things you’ll need to promote your book on social media
  • and much more!


“Kellie’s knowledge is insightful and empowering.  Her “know how” in writing and publishing definitely gives any author a launch pad towards success.  She gives you valuable industry information and technological training that is golden! This training helps you navigate through the technology of self-publishing like a pro. I felt like she was right there holding my hand step-by-step. I love how she shares her expertise so generously and personally. She really speaks from experience as she teaches you the tools you need to get your message out into the world. I also loved how she offers this information with a genuine passion for your success.”  -Amy

Video #1 Foundations and Getting Started

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Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this first video:

  • Key things you need to know to get started as an author
  • Components that most successful books have in common, which often aren’t always obvious
  • How to make your book concept unique & compelling
  • A common mistake all too many authors make with their first book
  • Key ways to structure your book to increase its appeal
  • How to find a literary agent
  • How to get your book on to Amazon

Video #2 – How to Navigate The Technical Parts

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In the second video, Kellie will focus on where to get graphics, editing and formatting done :

  • Who you can use to create astounding graphics for only $5 (used on many best sellers)
  • Where to find top notch, but inexpensive, editing and formatting
  • How to make writing your book so much easier by speaking it
  • Uploading your book to a print on demand (POD) company which is directly linked to Amazon

Video #3 -  Power Up Your Profits With Social Media

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In the third video, Kellie interviews Kathleen Gage, Author of Power Up For Profits, to get your book promoted with power of social media.

  • How to use social media to attract attention
  • How to choose which social media platform to be on
  • How much information shared is too much
  • Great lead-in questions that help you strike up conversations about your book
  • Being totally authentic while promoting your book
  • How do bonuses help create momentum for your book
  • How to use video on YouTube to help you promote your book

Lesson #4 -  Terminology Authors Need to Know, plus access to the NY Times Best Selling book for writing Novels.


Lesson #5 -  Templates and Examples For Promoting Your Book



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