Although this site is for and about YOU, its important to know

how one year, or even one incident, can change your entire life.

View More: http://lacifrazierphoto.pass.us/momdadoctoberIt was 2007 and my entire life changed.

  • my young nephew drowned
  • my little sister died of cancer
  • I was forced to shut down our family business
  • our marriage was rocky
  • and I closed out the year with a traumatic brain injury

Before my head hit the pavement on that frigid Michigan day,

three words came flying through my mouth, “Jesus save me!”

Then BAM!! My head hit the pavement.

After six long months of recovery, with my young preteen daughter

as my care-giver, I saw a VISION in my mind’s eye.

In this vision it appeared I had already written several books and was speaking

in front of a very large stage. To truly appreciate this you have to know I

was a full fledged introvert who would rather vomit than perform. (Sorry

but that’s the best analogy to use for comparison).

Next, I saw myself meeting highly influential people from around the world.

Why was I seeing all of this?

I had no desire to be a writer or a speaker. The very notion made me ask sarcastically,

“How is any of that suppose to happen?”

From inside my spirit I heard two simple words respond, “Trust me.”

Thought these things don’t happen for everyone, they can.


I’m Kellie Frazier, now the author of 9 books and I regularly speak to people

about how to heal and restore their lives. In 2012, the Holy Spirit spoke to me again and

said, “Stop doing business and create a day of love for healing and restoration.”

What this said to me is that this life chose me, I didn’t choose it.

In other words, God pursued me – I didn’t pursue him.  Can you relate?


There is a way to create healing and restoration in your life that doesn’t force you tocropped-DOL-Heart-Logo-Png.png

conform to any one path or to compromise your values. It helps you find your value and worth.

I want to help you have a Day of Love.

Its a time when you can get closer to Jesus so HE can help you find more peace.


If you’re interested, add your name to the boxes provided here and I’ll immediately send you a

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create what you want for your life, instead of getting more of what you don’t want.

I know you’ll enjoy the book, and finding your love relationship with Jesus again.

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Kellie Frazier

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.12.39 AMDOL Founder / Keynote Speaker / Live Event Director

Kellie Frazier, DOL Founder, is an author and speaker who officially began her career in 2008 after a year of losing family members and healing from a traumatic brain and spine injury. Her story of healing and success includes speaking, writing, and meeting people from around the world. She will never forget her humbling experiences. Coaching people personally and professionally since 2004, Kellie Founded Connecting LLC, a Christian Lifestyle Coach training company. Her dedication to loving people allows her to give back to her community on a regular basis.