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3 Secrets To Staying In Love With Writing And With Life

I always appreciate my community’s questions and for allowing me to share them openly.  I procrastinated with my response to this one because it triggered something for me that I had to work through first. I’ll share it, but know this type of response is where I often become misunderstood.

business woman at  officeQ: “Why is it when I try to live my life like you said to do (get up and do your morning rituals, write your book in between work etc), everything seems to fall apart? It only frustrates me to try to fit everything in between work, school and kids! Am I doing something wrong?”

A: Thank you for your question. It was actually painful for me to read this because I can empathize.  Years ago I too tried to build my life around what others said, but in truth, I cannot dedicate to you what is not mine to give you.

You are uniquely you and so is the path you’ll take, just like mine is unique to me. If you’re trying to do it ‘Kellie’s way’, there is no doubt in my mind you will continue to struggle.

Example: Every marketing guru out there will tell you that if you want to make money you have to do it “exactly as I’m telling you to do.”.  You’ll never hear me say that, but they’re also not saying to BE them. They are suggesting you follow the steps they took to make money because they have a system that worked for them.

Writing a book takes the form of a system, so I share how everything else I do surrounding my writing works for me, but it may not work for you.  Develop your own schedule or morning, afternoon or evening rituals. What works for you keep doing it with all your might until you have a breakthrough.

Now I could stop here, but there is something far more important that I want to share.

My one true purpose in life is to love God first, love myself and then love others and in that order. When I do this, my path is laid out and the rest of my day flows as its meant to. That love, which is often called Agape Love, fills me up so that my cup is full and often overflowing.  I can live from the overflow and share it with my husband, kids or anyone else whose meant to enter my life that day. That’s when I can love others extremely well.  Its where forgiveness and compassion come natural.

If I neglect to start with God first, like when I’m on trips with family or friends, and my ‘morning rituals’ have been interrupted just like yours, love is limited to my human (sometimes irrational) behavioral patterns. I begin to react instead of relate from love.

Moving into my day with God is the very best way I know how to love, to live, to have joy and yes, to prosper. I choose to love in that order and to live my life Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 2.08.10 PMthat way. Do I think this ‘order’ applies to everyone? Yes, but we’re all unique choosing our own directions.

If you have a desire to become an author, I am more than happy to show you what I did through my program called, “Becoming a Self-Published Author” on Amazon, but I cannot create a clear path for you in life. That’s between you and your maker. I would encourage you to check out that page for my step-by-step system, and I’ll explain further how living your own BEST LIFE is truly do-able in every single way.

Always Love,




Founder at Connecting LLC
After persevering through a traumatic brain injury and death of family members in 2007, Kellie Frazier was blessed with a miracle. As she pressed into God's vision for her life, she went on to publish several books while helping others publish their books. She finds great fulfillment in living a loving CHRIST-ian lifestyle. A devoted wife and mother for more than 34 years, she loves God, and others as she loves herself.

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