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Why is it woman everywhere understand the power of love,

   and yet are seldom guided by its principles? 

We know how to sit in board rooms, create non profits, even build planes, but

when it comes to loving God, ourselves or others… we often fall short?

Some answers ===> are here in this downloadable pdf eGuide 

Here Are 3 Complimentary Training Videos For You

             (a $200 value) To Get You Started Today!

DOL Heart Logo Png Video #1 – VISION. This video teaches you the power of clarity and how perspective is vital to your connection to God. What is the one connection that you desire most in your life?
DOL Heart Logo Png Video #2 – POWER. This video will show you how to find the internal power you need to remove blocks that keep you stuck. Internal power is self-control so you can move ahead in the direction you feel God calling you while strengthening your gifts.
DOL Heart Logo Png Video #3 – ACTION. This video will help you discover what to do in the next hour, day or week to turn your vision into action that is on purpose!

This Powerful VPA Mini-Series Is Your First Step Solution If You Want To:

  • Have a template for temperance and self-control rather than reacting to what’s happening outside of you.
  • Learn to be more strategic with your day-to-day activities and with your over all life.
  • Increase the value of wisdom and decision-making while listening to the still small voice within.

Getting registered right now will increase your emotional muscle and give you a great head start to understanding how to increase your emotional strength to get through anything! Hundreds of people have followed my VPA Mini-Series to add more love, laughter and even thousands of dollars to their business, in a short period of time. I hope you take this opportunity to do the same.

Always Love!

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P.S. You don’t need years of experience to benefit from using my Vision-Power-Action plan. These videos are perfect if you’re just starting out and wanting to make significant change but don’t know where to start.

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