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Are you a busy professional woman who is working

hard trying to take care of everyone else, and in the process

you feel exhausted and overwhelmed?

Maybe you feel like you’re losing your passion for life?

I completely get it. I felt the same way for years, so I began studying ways to heal and restore

my life on many levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. Let me just say

I do not have this entirely solved as every day brings a new challenge, but what

I’d love to do is walk through this journey together with you and share what I’ve learned.


There is an explanation as to why women feel drained and its called, emotional disconnect.

Inside every woman is a vision of who she is and what she wants for her life.

Remember playing house or dress up as a little girl?  You knew exactly what to

feed your family, how to comfort your stuffed animals, how to pour the right

kind of tea that made your toys feel all better?


This vision of the perfect life, or being perfect yourself, is likely still inside …

but somehow life seemed to go awry somewhere along the way.

Shutting off emotionally comes automatically when life spirals out of control. Its

an internal mechanism you’ve been given to protect your heart, your mind and

most importantly… your spirit.


But here are 3 problems we often create for ourselves

when emotional disconnect occurs:

         1. We stop listening to our spirit

         2. We relinquish our power to choose, or care about life 

         3. We stop taking action on what we truly want to do


I completely get it.  I use to be emotionally disconnected too. I would vacillate

between a loving and forgiving attitude and an unloving resentful attitude.

I thought I had to protect myself in order to not get hurt. The only problem was,

I was shutting myself off to God, shutting off to my dreams, and shutting

others out all at the same time.


I soon discovered that my intense desire to stay in the self-protect mode was

keeping me stuck.


It wasn’t until I learned 3 simple steps that helped me

unlock my heart, reconnect, and find purpose again.  

I couldn’t believe how simple it really was and kept telling myself it couldn’t

possibly be that easy.  


I use to think spending at least 30 minutes reading my devotionals

first thing in the morning was the only way I could get connected, plugged in,

or be ‘better’ as a person.


It wasn’t until my brain injury, and experiencing God in a way that was truly

extraordinary one morning, that I finally got it. (Listen to video above if you’re not

sure what I mean by that).

Some answers ===> are here in this downloadable pdf eGuide 

A Vision, Power, Action (VPA) Plan Can Help

You Reconnect.


No matter what you do or where you go in life, there are ALWAYS 3 simple steps that

will get you back to that space of peace and harmony.

“Really??” You might ask…

To which I would respond, “Really!”


Here are 3 Complimentary Videos

that will help you get reconnected…

                          (a $200 value) To Get You Started Today!

DOL Heart Logo Png Video #1 – VISION. This video teaches you the power of clarity and how perspective is vital to your connection to God, yourself and others. What is the one connection that you desire most in your life?


DOL Heart Logo Png Video #2 – POWER. This video will show you how to find the internal power you need to remove those big blocks (overwhelm, hurt feelings, etc) that keep you stuck. Internal power is self-control so you can move ahead in the direction you feel God calling you while strengthening your gifts.


DOL Heart Logo Png Video #3 – ACTION. This video will help you discover what to do in the next hour, day, or week, to turn your vision into action that is on purpose!

My VPA Plan is like a Video Mini-Series. 

You’ll get one video daily for the next 3 days.

Its Your First Step Solution If You Want To:

  • Be more pro-active rather than re-active at work or at home
  • Have clearer understanding and be a bit more strategic with your day-to-day activities and with your over all life
  • Increase your value of wisdom and decision-making ability while listening to the Spirit’s still small voice inside of you.


Getting registered right now will increase your emotional muscle and give you

a great head start to understanding how to increase your emotional strength to

get through anything!


People everywhere have followed my VPA Plan to add more love, laughter and

even thousands of dollars to their business in a short period of time. I hope you

take this opportunity to do the same.


Always Love!

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.20.52 PM

P.S. You don’t need years of experience to benefit from using my Vision-Power-Action plan.

These videos are perfect if you’re just starting out and wanting to make significant

change but don’t know where to start.

Register For Your Free Mini-Series To the Right or Here Below

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